Wednesday, September 16, 2015



 500g Milk powder
3/4 cup water
250g Sugar
Food color ( any of your choice)
1-2 tspn Vanila extract or rose extract
175g Butter
sugar sprinkles for decoration

  • Add together water and sugar  and let is boil till it starts to be caramelly try not to make it into a too thick caramel
  • Reduce the heat to very low
  • Add butter and stir it while the butter melts away
  • Immidiately when all the butter have melted add color and vanila/ rose extract
  • Start adding milk powder gradually and stir as much as you can to avoid uncooked blobs of milk powder
  • when its all mixed up that its thicken into a more goowy consistancy, pore the mixture on a baking paper
  • spread the sprinkles of your choice, all over the cookie mixture 
  • with another baking paper on top of it,  roll it like when you a rolling a naan bread or chapati. Spread it that its surface is smooth.
  • cut it in any shape you like
  • wait till it cools down completely so it hardens and its ready to eat!
  • ENJOY!

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